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KeePass 2.18 with Mono Workaround

Screenshot Windows users (with .NET, not Mono) are unaffected by the following! Please continue using the stable KeePass release 2.18.

A bug has been introduced in Mono 2.10 (Xamarin bug 2159), which breaks many applications, including KeePass. The bug makes KeePass crash when trying to edit entries, program options aren’t saved, etc.

A workaround for KeePass has been developed. Until the Mono developers fix the bug, KeePass users are recommended to use the latest development snapshot of KeePass.

  • Users of Debian/Ubuntu systems will get the workaround version automatically (when updating their system). The workaround has already been included in the keepass2 package.
  • Users of all otherUnix-like systems should use the following development snapshot:Software Download Development SnapshotThis version can be installed/used like any stable release; for details, see Running KeePass under Mono (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, …).
  • Users of Windows systems, please continue using the stable KeePass release 2.18. Only Mono contains this bug, not the .NET Framework, thus Windows users (with .NET) aren’t affected.

The workaround will also be included in KeePass 2.19 and higher.

For developers: if you’re interested in the source code of the workaround, you can download it here: workaround source code.

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